Who Am I?

I know that many people visiting this site will have a fair idea of what this international monkey of mystery is all about, and that is exactly why you are here – to catch up on the adventures and non-stop whirlwind of an existence that your intrepid monkey-about-town leads, but there may be a few visitors who stumble across this site through some other path, and if you are one of those readers then I am sure that you’ll want to know a little about me.

Perhaps you have been merrily clicking around the internet and have followed a link on Life Magazine’s list of the 100 most influential figures of 2013, or have followed an outgoing link from a post on the Guardian website that has been written about one of my many adventures. It may even be that you have been using Google to research your fondness for particularly large men who live in Franciscan Monasteries – it is not for me to judge or question, the important thing is that you are here now, and hopefully to stay.

So, if you want to know a little about me, may I first direct you to a little article that was written about the first day that I sprang fully-formed into this world. I wasn’t really sure what was going on at the time, and had to keep telling myself to just keep smiling and hopefully these weird people would treat me well. As it happens I became chief cuddle-lump and jelly bean tester within a few hours, and now I am so very important that I have my own website.

But this is only the mere surface of what this Giantmonk has to offer the world and it’s extremely intelligent (and may I say very good looking) readers. ¬†Scratch a bit further by hovering your finger over this link to probe deep within my psyche with this amazing opportunity to ask me any question that may pop into that vast and wonderful mind of yours.

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