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Ask Giantmonk #3: Easter

Shivaun asks:

Comment or question for Giantmonk: Do you celebrate Easter and if so what are your plans?

Hi Shivaun! Yes, I find myself quite busy around Easter time (hence my slightly late reply. Sometimes I have to step in and help out when the Easter Bunny is slacking, and obviously as a method actor I must always ensure that I am deeply involved in the role.

Giantmonk at Easter
I am entrusted with the distribution of sweet tasty treats at Easter. I cannot pretend that I do not snack along the way… As you can see though, my favourite treat is a nice healthy vegetable. A carrot (made of jellybeans, obviously).


The End Of The Festivities

It is Twelfth Night, the day when traditionally we must take down the tree, pack away all of the baubles and garlands that decorate it and remove the Christmas Wreath from the door.

The house looks less sparkly and bright now that the fairy lights have been taken down, but I am reminded of two important facts that I must hold dear in my heart.

The first is that the celebrations do not truly end until the chocolates, jelly beans and mince pies run out (and that looks set to be quite distant in the future) and the second comes from my good friend Munkeh, who reminds me that a good Festive jumper is for life, not just for Christmas.

Munkeh Christmas jumper

Giantmonk enjoying champagne

Happy New Year

Happy new year to one and all! I celebrated in a quiet and understated way last night and did not get up to anything crazy or in any way embarrassing. My evening was restrained and full of culture. I even wore a tie.

For some reason I have woken with a headache, so rather than ramble on I shall leave you with a few words that would rival Keats and Wordsworth at their very primes.

With your monkey friend who’s knitted,
You have the last year surely quitted,
With a bright exciting view
Of a year that’s fresh and new.

And like your monkey friend who’s giant,
May this new year be compliant
In making as sure as sky above,
That this year is filled with love.

Celebrate with Giantmonk