giantmonk-eyes is live!

When the weather started to turn colder and the first whisperings of Christmas started to waft through the air like the jingliest of bells, I was asked by a particularly tall elf what it might be that I most wanted for Christmas.

I answered in a flash: ‘Jellybeans’. It’s the answer that I always give and the one that is guaranteed above all else to make me the happiest of chaps.
Jellybeans - a Giantmonk's favourite treatJellybeans take care of the two main food group that a monkey needs to stay healthy – jelly and beans, and the variety of colours and flavours makes for a diet that never grows boring. I was explaining this at length to my new elf chum when he said that as I had beenĀ especially good this past year maybe there was something else that I might like as well as the bean-shaped jelly treats of my dreams? I said that all I wished to do was to spread the joy of jelly beans and all their wonders to everyone who would listen, and the elf suggested that perhaps I should like my own website, where I might like to talk about many subjects (though mostly jellybeans) and so that I might educate and bring joy to the good readers of the internet, and that’s how came to exist on Christmas day, as I excitedly wrapped open the wrapping paper that was messily sellotaped around the internet.


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