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Welcome Aboard

Hello Chums!

Many people start a new year by deciding to begin a diary. Well, as I was given my very own website for Christmas this year I decided that I would get with the times and start my own blog:

I have always wanted a place where I can talk at length about my many strange and wondrous adventures, and to explore in detail just which is the best jellybean flavour in the world, but there is no point keeping such wondrous content to myself when I can share it with the world. So settle down into your favourite armchair, make a pot of tea, and take up your laptop, tablet or smartphone and bookmark this site and its RSS feed to keep up with all of my adventures.

Your first stop should be the Ask Giantmonk page, where you have the perhaps dangerous but always awesome power to drive future content. Click now, or remain forever curious.

giantmonk-eyes is live!

When the weather started to turn colder and the first whisperings of Christmas started to waft through the air like the jingliest of bells, I was asked by a particularly tall elf what it might be that I most wanted for Christmas.

I answered in a flash: ‘Jellybeans’. It’s the answer that I always give and the one that is guaranteed above all else to make me the happiest of chaps.
Jellybeans - a Giantmonk's favourite treatJellybeans take care of the two main food group that a monkey needs to stay healthy – jelly and beans, and the variety of colours and flavours makes for a diet that never grows boring. I was explaining this at length to my new elf chum when he said that as I had been especially good this past year maybe there was something else that I might like as well as the bean-shaped jelly treats of my dreams? I said that all I wished to do was to spread the joy of jelly beans and all their wonders to everyone who would listen, and the elf suggested that perhaps I should like my own website, where I might like to talk about many subjects (though mostly jellybeans) and so that I might educate and bring joy to the good readers of the internet, and that’s how came to exist on Christmas day, as I excitedly wrapped open the wrapping paper that was messily sellotaped around the internet.