Ask Giantmonk!

As an international monkey of mystery, ┬ápeople are naturally curious about the many facets of my elusive yet debonair nature, and so everywhere I go I am surrounded by the shy whispers of many questions such as ‘where does he come from?’, ‘which was his favourite member of Swedish pop sensation ABBA?’ and ‘can he explain red shift theory?’

Finally there is a platform for such important yet rarely volunteered questions. No longer will people in a crisis of confidence only mumble such queries to their friends, instead, dear readers, you may ask your questions here, under the cloak of the internet, and if your questions are good ones I shall endeavour to answer them full in future entries.


Important note: Giantmonk reserves the right to correct any unfortunate spelling errors, occasionally make things up when he doesn’t know the real answer and downright ignore any unsavoury or unfriendly comments.